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Euphoria board Game


This is the 2nd edition of the Euphoria board game.
(there is no Mensa logo as that is only on American print run not the print run for the UK)

Following hot on the heels of the success of Viticulture, Jamey Stegmaier is back with another game

Euphoria incorporates mechanical elements of Alien Frontiers, Tzolk'in, and The Resistance with thematic inspirations from dystopian fiction like The Hunger Games, Fahrenheit 451, Wool, and Brave New World.

In Euphoria, you lead a team of workers (dice) and recruits (cards) to claim ownership of the dystopian world. You will generate commodities, dig tunnels to infiltrate the opposition, construct markets, collect artifacts, strengthen allegiances, and fulfill secret agendas.

You can read more on our blog about the game here

(please note that while we did help kickstart this project, this is only the retail version as the deluxe kickstarter versions sold out a few months back and only the retail version is now available)

Brand: Stonemaier Games
Part number: SG002

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