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New Angeles

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"All the other corporations, they have lost sight. They forgot how New Angeles functions, afraid to dirty their hands to learn."
- Yuri Talunik, Melange Mining

New Angeles is a board game of corporate greed and machinations for four to six players set in the Android universe.

You and your friends each take the reins of a powerful megacorporation. You cut deals and forge temporary alliances to gain leverage and financial superiority over your corporate rivals. All the while, you need to keep a finger on the pulse of the city.

You can't let unrest lead to orgcrime and outages. So even as you pursue your profits and diversify your assets, you may also need to keep the little people happy. Happy people make productive workers, and you want to keep the thriving megalopolis of New Angeles good for business.

Brand: Fantasy Flight Games
Part number: AD03

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