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Wooden Vegetable Set for Agricola (Vegimeeples)

image of Wooden Vegetable Set for Agricola (Vegimeeples)
Our price: £ 7.00
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3 or more are just £8 each
10 or more are just £7.5 each

Wooden Vegetable Set (vegimeeples)
These agriculturally based vegetables include:
30 yellow grain
20 orange carrot

These are great little tokens! Do you want to take your gaming to the next level but don't want to spend a ton on tokens you don't need? Just get some vegimeeples (vegetable tokens). If you get these and our animeeples (animal tokens) then you know the only tokens you have to worry about scoring are those that are cute little tokens rather than discs or cubes.

While originally designed by a third party (Mayday Games) for use with Agricola, they can be used with any other game.

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